IP Direct Marketing Connecting IP Addresses to Mailing Addresses

Convert physical addresses to IP addresses to sync your display ads with direct mail/email campaigns.
This patent-pending technology makes it easy to place banner and video ads under a single rooftop based solely on the mailing address, all without the use of cookies.



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Key Benefits

Reach your online target 100% if the time and eliminate budget waste

With IP Direct Marketing, you can place targeted display ads on any internet-connected device by utilizing just a physical mailing address. This means your ads are reaching only your target audience, eliminating budget waste.

52% increase in response rates

Simply run your online display ads a few days before your mail and email campaigns and see up to a 52% increase in response rates.

Enjoy a Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of 3.2 times the industry standard

With pinpoint targeting and enhanced campaign personalization, enjoy a Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of 3.2 times the industry standard.

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IP Address

Digitally engage your consumers at the household level. Cookieless, one-to-one display advertising.