IP Direct Marketing Connecting IP Addresses to Mailing Addresses

Convert physical addresses to IP addresses to sync your display ads with direct mail/email campaigns.
This patented technology makes it easy to place banner and video ads under a single rooftop based solely on the mailing address, all without the use of cookies.



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Key Benefits

Reach your online target 100% if the time and eliminate budget waste

With IP Direct Marketing, you can place targeted display ads on any internet-connected device by utilizing just a physical mailing address. This means your ads are reaching only your target audience, eliminating budget waste.

52% increase in response rates

Simply run your online display ads a few days before your mail and email campaigns and see up to a 52% increase in response rates.

Enjoy a Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of 3.2 times the industry standard

With pinpoint targeting and enhanced campaign personalization, enjoy a Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of 3.2 times the industry standard.

Home Address=
IP Address

Digitally engage your consumers at the household level. Cookieless, one-to-one display advertising.

Combine Online Marketing with Direct Mail to Ignite Your ROI

CMPkc’s approach to direct mail is as innovative as its implementation of digital marketing. When marketers combine direct mail with IP Direct Marketing, they create a multi-channel approach that produces the highest ROI. In addition, for marketers who wish to show their physical proximity to their target audiences, CMPkc’s custom print and interactive mapping technologies provide the next-level engagement.