IP Direct Marketing allows financial institutions to convert physical addresses to IP addresses to sync display ads with direct mail/email campaigns.
CMPkc’s IP Direct Marketing ignites your Credit Union's marketing ROI.

We partner with Credit Unions of all sizes to recruit members using our patent-pending technology that pinpoints a physical address to a unique IP address, with 95% accuracy. These targeted digital display ads run at exactly the same time New Movers are searching for a financial institution close to their new residence. IP Direct Marketing speaks directly to the 14% of people who relocate each year.

Why New Movers?
  • One third of Americans switch financial institutions after moving
  • 57% open primary checking accounts at financial institutions that have branches close to home
  • 25% find financial institutions with ATMs (shared branches) close to their new home
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ROI Increase

Financial Institutions Case Study

A regional financial institution located in the Southeast United States combined IP Direct Marketing with a direct mail campaign centered around new checking or business account acquisitions.

The results:

  • Time on site: 40% higher for IP Targeting visitors
  • Bounce rate: 3.5% lower than the site average
  • Direct mail response rate: .61%
  • IP Targeting response rate: 1.09%

The addition of IP Direct Marketing increased overall budget by just 5.83% and generated a 70% lift in overall campaign effectiveness.

Learn more on how to ignite your ROI using IP Direct Marketing with our FREE white paper.

Key Benefits

Reach your online target 100% if the time and eliminate budget waste

With IP Direct Marketing, you can place targeted display ads on any internet-connected device by utilizing just a physical mailing address. This means your ads are reaching only your target audience, eliminating budget waste.

Up to 48% increase in response rates

Simply run your online display ads a few days before your mail and email campaigns and see up to a 48% increase in response rates.

Enjoy a Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of 3.2 times the industry standard

With pinpoint targeting and enhanced campaign personalization, enjoy a Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of 3.2 times the industry standard.

Learn more on how to ignite your ROI using IP Direct Marketing with our FREE white paper.

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Digitally engage New Movers at the household level. Cookieless, one-to-one display advertising.