Digitally Engage New Movers in as Little as 24 Hours

IP Direct Marketing allows grocery stores and pharmacies to convert physical addresses to IP addresses to sync display ads with direct mail/email campaigns.

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IP Direct Marketing ignites your marketing ROI.

We partner with local and national grocery stores to grow sales using our patented technology that places targeted display ads on any internet-connected device by utilizing just a physical mailing address. With 95% accuracy, IP Direct Marketing allows “Welcome to the Neighborhood” digital ads to be served into the same households that receive your personalized and innovative direct mail.

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Why New Movers?

Your targeted digital display ads run at exactly the same time New Movers are seeking local grocery stores and pharmacies close to their new home.

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How many New Movers are in your stores' geography?

Just forward us your store listing and we will run counts based on movers who moved within a 5-mile radius of each of your stores and who moved at least 5 miles from their old address to their new address. Also, you'll receive a thorough overview of our recommended New Mover engagement campaign.

The Offer Matters in New Mover Campaigns

An offer encourages new movers to immediately visit your grocery store. Traditionally, the financial incentive of “$10 off your next shopping order of $50 or more” has been used to drive foot traffic into stores.

Target the “Best New Movers”

Nearly 40% of New Movers are relocating from outside your market area and will be searching for a new grocery store. With CMPkc’s powerful approach utilizing new digital technology and innovative direct mail, grocery store marketers can successfully engage New Movers.

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